Monday, September 6, 2010

Reader Requests?

In recent weeks, I've done two four-part sets of posts, one about the Liar Paradox and one about set theory. Is there anything in particular that anyone would like to hear about in upcoming posts?

Obviously, my likelihood of actually taking a suggestion is correlated with the degree to which I have much of anything to say about the topic....e.g. last time I asked for requests, someone wanted a post about theories of truth-makers, but sadly, all I have to say about truth-makers is "I'm a bit leery about propositions for the usual reasons that people are often a bit leery of propositions or other kinds of abstract objects, and I'm somewhat agnostic about precisely what the primary bearers of truth actually are." Which wouldn't have made a very interesting post. That said, I'm open to suggestions about anything from Yablo's Paradox to the new Of Montreal album, quantum logic to the mid-term elections, Wittgenstein to whiskey, so ask away.


Emil O. W. Kirkegaard said...

More from your dissertation? :D

Glowing Face Man said...

How does truth (the predicate) interact with knowledge (the modal operator)?

Unknown said...

I vote for quantum logic. And if possible, I think it would be great if you could make a connection between that and the problem of "identical particles":

Brandon said...

I've just recently begun reading about Geneva-Brussels approaches to quantum logic, so I would vote for quantum logic, too (even if you prefer something else in the field than Geneva or Brussels).

Ben said...

Glowing Face Man,

Both truth and knowledge attributions take the form of either operators or predicates, and truth is a necessary (but not a sufficient) condition for knowledge.

See, what I just said--'the usual view seems about right to me'--is a good example of something that isn't nearly interesting enough for a post of its own.


I think it's inevitable than more bits and pieces of the dissertation will be blogged in the near future.

Jason & Brandon,

OK, some kind of quantum logic post coming up (probably next week rather than on Wednesday).

William Moore. said...

More on disquotationalism, or deflationism in general ;].

TaiChi said...


Ben said...


Yeah, that seems inevitable for the same reason as the dissertation stuff.

Tai Chi,

Hmm. I've actually been thinking a lot about the logic of vague predicates lately, but I think it's going to have to simmer for a bit longer before I'm quite ready to blog about it.