Monday, November 9, 2009


(1) My post on Probability Theory and Logical Fallibilism made it into the Carnival of Mathematics. I have to admit that I'd never actually heard of it before this month's host e-mailed me to ask if he include my post, but I guess it's the mathematical equivalent of the Philosopher's Carnival. Anyway, I'm tickled as hell to be included.

"The Law of the Excluded Middle states that if a mathematical proposition is not true, it’s false. Mathematicians have experimented with dropping this requirement; Ben Burgis considers the ramifications for probability."

Of course, strictly speaking, my post was mostly about the ramifications for probability of being a fallibilist about the LEM and similar laws, not dropping them entirely (although I did briefly touch on the latter), but that extremely trivial nit-pick aside, I'm happy to do my bit for cross-disciplinary communication about these issues.

(2) When I'm not here, I also blog (along with co-contributors Dave, Matt, Bryan and Andrew) at Awkward Haiku, where we boldly explore the frontiers of the post-ironic world we live in. My most recent post there is in large part about philosophy (it includes an extended discussion of Judith Jarvis Thompson, a link to Chaospet, and so on), so I guess it's worth linking to it here.

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