Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So, I Have A Full-Time Job For Next Year

It's a one-year (but renewable for up to two more) non-tenure track Assistant Professor position in the Philosophy Department at the University of Ulsan. 3/3 teaching load, mostly Intro but with some opportunity to teach advanced undergraduate classes.

And, yes, that's the Ulsan in South Korea. (The teaching, fortunately, is entirely English-language.) And the school year starts on September 1st.

So, unless some unexpected last minute glitch comes up with getting a visa or some such, I'll be moving to Korea in mid-August.


Emil O. W. Kirkegaard said...

Sounds cool. Never heard of any korean philosophers, maybe that will change. Also, good luck with the language, it is very hard to learn for a native american.

gwern said...

On the bright side, there are a heck of a lot of expats and English speakers in Korea (for obvious reasons), so OP probably only needs to learn his hangul (easy) and basic Korean.