Monday, May 10, 2010


Sorry about the long unannounced break. I had a bit of materal stored up from before my defense, and after I burned through that, I really needed a break.

....but I'm back now. In lieu of a real Monday post, a few things:

(1) Ryan has a fun depiction of Harry Frankfurt's take on the Stone Paradox here.

(2) A few people have asked if they could read my dissertation. I'm happy to shoot a copy over to whoever...*after* I've finished various proofreading and re-formatting things I have to do for the graduate school in any case. I'll post an announcement here when its ready.

(3) Here's a schedule for the next couple of weeks:

Wednesday, May 12th: A Few Thoughts On Logical Fallibilism

Monday, May 17th: Why Theistic Libertarians Should Believe In Future Facts and Backward Causation (If They Believe in Infallible Divine Foreknowledge)

Wednesday, May 19th: Graham Priest And The Principle Of Uniform Solution


chaospet said...

Looking forward to the one on Divine Foreknowledge and Libertarianism; after our chat with Fischer on the topic, I'm thinking that topic would be a good chapter of my dissertation.

Emil O. W. Kirkegaard said...

Why do you even bother to make schedules? :)

Ben said...


Yeah, that one should finally be up tomorrow. Stay tuned1