Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Room's Reserved And Everything

Monday, March 8th
3:00 PM
University of Miami
Ashe Building, Room 733
Ben Burgis
Dissertation Defense--"Truth Is A One-Player Game: A Defense Of Monaletheism And Classical Logic"


Colin said...

Good luck!

Ben said...


Brian Leiter said...

Congratulations, that's exciting! And thanks for coming to my talk last week.

Ben said...


It was a fun talk. The paper itself was interesting and I enjoyed the discussion afterwards.

I would have been tempted to jump in and press the issue of exactly how extreme the pesimisstic conclusions current evidence really warrants are when it comes to the causal power of moral argumentation, but the law school's method for taking questions kind of discouraged jumping in halfway through.

Theopacius said...

Long-time reader, first-time caller, yada yada. Good luck with the defense. The very idea of dialetheism has amazed a few of my former logic students (high school freshmen) and the Liar's Paradox has inspired some of my current crop of seventh-graders and eighth-graders.

Priest's discussion of motion led to a fruitful lunchtime chat with some students, though I admitted to being woefully unprepared to do more than simply raise the issue. The idea of contradictions being true goes against, of course, both the logic I taught them and their own intuitions. The idea of Revenge Liars really excited them.

I would love to read your dissertation. I'm sure like many of your posts it would call for a good evening with a hot cup of coffee, digesting each sentence. Actually, it would probably call for many such evenings for a lay person such as myself.


- J. Shoup

Ben said...

Thanks, J.

I really appreciate it.