Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The problem is U trying to fit set theory into ur mathematical box.

Naive set theory says that for every property, there's a set of things that have that property. Bertrand Russell asked, "what about the property of being a set that's not a member of itself?"

This is, traditionally, seen as a bit of a problem for naive set theory.

Classical theism says that an entity exists who can perform any action. Many people have asked, "what about the action of creating a stone so heavy that he himself can't lift it?"

This sort of thing used to be a bit of a problem for classical theism.

That was before Rick Warren solved all of these problems forever.

Check it out.


Unknown said...

Hmm... should we call his ingenious solution "Dialethe-theism"?

P.S. Please forgive the horrible pun!

Ben said...